We Design

In addition to responding to your needs, with our ideas that touch your lifestyle; we think for you. With great care and pleasure ...

We Project

In order to turn our ideas into lasting experiences, we have taken them from start to finish; we make you look good.

We Produce

With our wide scale in your special orders and also the difference of being able to produce the products you want, you are imagining that we are producing...

About Us

Headquartered in Ankara, Siteler, MESS, combines its 18 years of experience in furniture design and project design with an ergonomic, postmodern and up-to-date line. It continues its way with the power of producing economic, quality and timely service in meeting the demands of customers in the international competitive environment. Continuing its R & D activities continuously and developing and renewing itself with its own line, MESS takes part in national fairs by designing world-class products and expanding its product range. It has been opened to export on the way to becoming a global brand.

MESS, hotel, hospital, dormitory, such as the decoration of the spaces can meet all kinds of needs. Our products are TSE certified and have 2 year warranty. Reaching a respectable image with different manufacturing lines, MESS has taken its place among the sought-after companies with the advantage of being able to produce products at desired sizes in special orders requiring knowledge, experience, design and ergonomics. It displays its products in its headquarters in its store in Ankara.

MESS, showing its quality and different and modern line in production in retailing, continues to be renewed, designed and grow for you.


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