While reflecting your style to the most enjoyable moments of your life, we design quality as a Mess family for you with modern, dynamic and aesthetic understanding of the future without narrowing your living space.

Everyone has the right to a spacious living space in your shrinking busy lives. In order to avoid further narrowing in the decorations that do not reflect your style in the intensity of life, we are expanding our perspective with you with the discipline and detail-oriented work by embracing the experience of Mess team from the past. As a result of 18 years of experience, knowledge and observation, we design your living space in the perfect nature of aesthetics. We have the capacity and power to respond to all kinds of needs in decoration of places such as hotels, hospitals and dormitories without giving up renewal and learning. We combine the quality of our products with technology and we design a living space with TSE certificate and 2 years guarantee. Let’s reflect your style to your living space!


Our wide scale in special orders and our advantage of producing products in desired dimensions continue to be our biggest difference.

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Our projects that we designed with you in mind, ergonomic and with maximum savings in space, come to life with modern and strong lines of the future.

With over 18 years experience ..

Headquartered in Ankara, Siteler, MESS combines 18 years of experience in the field of furniture design and project, achieving a future-oriented, ergonomic, creative and up-to-date line. It continues its way with the power of producing economic, quality and timely service in meeting the demands of customers in the international competitive environment.

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